Never knitted before? Always wanted to learn? Now's your chance to learn to knit with our ever affable host Gregor Schmitzki.

Gregor has been knitting and pearling since his early days in Siberia, where a thick-scarf was more of an essential than a fashion statement.

With his legendarily relaxed style, Gregeor will help you learn how to cast on, knit rows and follow patterns. Sign up now and you’ll be knitting gifts in time for Christmas.

In three sessions Gregor will talk you through all you need to know to get you started.

Add the starter-kit bundle to your basket and we’ll send it to you – wool, needles and Gregor’s handy hints chart are all included.

Monday (45 mins)

The basics. How to pick up, cast one and get the basic stitches onto your needles. Gregor will show you via a live demonstration where you can ask questions.

Tuesday (45 mins)

Show Gregor the progress you’ve made since the previous session. He’ll be on hand to provide feedback and top tips. Plus a live demonstration of how the pearl technique and how to produce patterns using multiple coloured wools.

Wednesday (45mins)

By day three you’ll be ready to tackle a jumper. Gregor will get you started and talk you through the lessons he’s learned through his many years of experience.